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South Beach Marina Apartments

The gardens for this apartment project, which are across The Embarcadero from the South Beach Park and Harbor site, were designed in 1987 by Mr. Fotheringham. (He was a Senior Associate at EDAW, San Francisco at that time.) The garden design required locating the swimming pool in a micro-climate that would receive the most sunlight throughout the year, given the shadow patterns of the various high-rise buildings. Courtyards were designed to relate to interior lobby spaces, using similar tile paving and axial views. The planting plan is composed of shade-tolerant species such as Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Hebe and Boxwood. Recent changes to the garden design do not reflect the original design. 


Design Architects:

Fisher Friedman Associates AIA

    Rick Christiani, Project Architect

      Christiani Johnson Architects

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