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Wallis Ranch Master Plan

This 184-acre project is comprised of six neighborhood parcels on 107 acres, with the remaining 77 acres assigned as open space and parks. Housing types in the Wallis Ranch land plan range from low density single-family homes to medium-high density, multi-family homes. The highest density product, in Neighborhood 4, will feature five uniquely designed roof gardens. Three neighborhood parks have been proposed within Wallis Ranch that will tie into and play upon the existing open space features of the project, be accessible to other residential projects in the north Tassajara area, and enhance the entry into the Wallis Ranch neighborhoods. Passive and active play facilities will be carefully designed and integrated into the site to reflect community character while integrating existing sloping conditions of the property. Local and regional trail systems will be accessible from the neighborhood parks. Project architects are William Hezmalhalch Architects, Inc. and Van Tilberg, Banvard & Soderbergh, AIA.


The character and livability of Wallis Ranch is established and enhanced by the structure and focal elements of Tassajara Creek and hillside grassland open space corridors woven into the project. The influence of these natural features provides for an emotional connection and physical interface with the natural environment, and is the defining asset for the community. This character sets a precedent for the integration of the landscape framework, including parks, streetscapes, and trail systems. Open space corridors provide connectivity and habitat for wildlife and indigenous plant species and communities. The Tassajara Creek Conservation Area has been created in order to preserve and maintain the Tassajara Creek Corridor as permanent open space for the Wallis Ranch projects.



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