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APA Case Study - Planning the Grand Park

Pleasanton Central Park & Bernal Community Park
Following a two-stage design competition, MD Fotheringham was selected by jury and City Council to prepare planning and design documents for a 318-acre community park in Pleasanton, California. The design competition plan for the Bernal Property establishes a framework of woods and meadows within which community park facilities, public places and open space can be organized. Features of the park include sports fields, a civic arts center with art gallery, theater and youth/community center, commuter train station, agricultural center and organic farms and gardens, wildlife and nature education center and street and trail improvements. The Plan recommends clustering the most intensive park uses on the least amount of lands and in proximity to similar uses, thus maximizing the open space value of natural areas and existing habitats, while minimizing infrastructure costs and sharing facilities. Streets, trails and paths will be located in response to topographic and watershed confluence patterns, providing low-impact paths systems in most sensitive landscapes to optimize exposure to educational opportunities about natural systems. Circulation systems will be arranged to dissipate on-site traffic flows and minimize impacts of vehicles in the Park, particularly during major events. Opportunities for non-vehicular links will be provided throughout the Park. The first phase of the Park was completed in 2009.
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