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The original company town of Clyde was built near Port Chicago to support the shipping needs of private industry and the military during much of the twentieth century. The Town, including most of the original homes and a grand hotel, was planned and designed by Bernard Maybeck during the early 1900’s. The initial site plan reflected a generous network of parks and public alleys, many of which have been converted to private ownership. The Town of Clyde and Contra Costa County sponsored the Clyde Parks Master Plan that outlines preliminary park designs and budget estimates for the four remaining park parcels. Working with the Clyde Community Improvement Association, the Master Plan was adopted, and design documents for Phases 1 and 2 of Clyde Park, the largest of the four sites at 2.3 acres, were prepared. The park is located just west of the original hotel site and construction was completed in 1995.


This project was completed while working with Cardoza, DiLallo, Harrington (NUVIS).

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