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Oak Grove - Pleasanton

Oak Grove is a 98-custom lot, environmentally integrated neighborhood situated within an open space preserve of native California Oak woodlands and grasslands.  Through the use of sustainable landscape architectural and environmental standards and lot-specific architectural design, Oak Grove will achieve a memorable identity and ecological fit.  Landscape Design Guidelines were created to ensure that the development team, custom homebuilders and individual homeowners have the guidance to carry out this concept in the development of open space and on each custom lot.  The environmental design of Oak Grove is guided by the recognition that the existing heritage landscape of oak woodlands, having been in existence for several hundred years, dominates the residential and open space experience. The Project will preserve and expand these habitats as residential lots are developed. New plantings within the public common areas as well as on private lots will be organized so that existing natural groves are expanded or new groves created. Ornamental landscape character will be kept to a minimum when viewed from streets, trails and surrounding neighborhoods. 

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