Pleasanton Community Farm

Pleasanton City Council adopted the Bernal Property Phase II Specific Plan on May 16, 2006 and ratified it on November 7, 2006. Included in the approved plan is approximately 20 acres on the southern-most section of the Bernal property for which “Agriculture Club” and“Agriculture” have been designated as permitted land uses. 

Coincidently, over 12 years ago, the Abbie 4-H Club of Pleasanton began working with the City of Pleasanton and other interest groups to gain broad support for a community farm. The 4-H Club efforts were rewarded when the City authorized the creation of a master plan for the Pleasanton Community Farm. 


Abbie 4-H partnered with the Rotary Club of Pleasanton to create a joint project team, where the Rotary Club of Pleasanton acted as the lead entity for procuring project funds. Both entities contributed team members with significant subject matter expertise. MD Fotheringham was selected as the design lead. We are teamed with Jim Jennings Architects and MacKay & Somps Civil Engineers.


This Concept Plan for the Pleasanton Community Farm was accepted in 2014 and is on the City’s capital improvement project list for completing the master plan and planned unit development submittals. The plan provides animal stables and exercise pens, community meeting facilities, parking, petting farm, row crops, orchards, vineyards, greenhouse and equipment storage building. The Farm improvements would be integrated into the Bernal Property open space and trails improvements identified in the Phase II Specific Plan.