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Santa Monica Transit Center

MD Fotheringham provided conceptual design and design development services in association with Amphion Environmental for urban design features in Santa Monica. The Project is comprised of street furnishings, bus stops, tree planting, and widened sidewalk paving for 10 blocks along Broadway and Santa Monica Boulevard. The Project connects to the Third Street Promenade, one of the most popular outdoor shopping districts in the country. Funding was provided by The Blue Bus transit company and included street reconfiguration to widen sidewalks, narrow vehicular paving widths, creation of an HOV lane for buses only, and associated custom-designed bus shelters at key downtown locations. Additional site furnishings include tiled traffic control bollards, streetlights, bench seating, trash receptacles, water features, newsstands and planting design for trees, shrubs, ground covers and vines.. Public artists designed the special pressed glass for the bus shelters and a unique intersection paving design. Total project cost was $13 million and construction was completed in 2002.

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