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Sonoma Street Tree Master Plan

The City of Sonoma Tree Planting Program was initiated by the City in an effort to preserve and enhance the existing City street tree canopy by increasing the number of trees planted throughout the City. The Tree Program is a long-term project that will be implemented incrementally, with funding coming from a variety of public and private entities over many years.


The final product was a report that included goals and objectives, tree planting guidelines and details, a master tree list, and a city-wide tree planting plan with emphasis on Highway 12.


This document includes a Master Tree List, a set of General Guidelines, specific Planting Districts with Street Tree Recommendations, and a series of Installation Details. In addition, the Program places emphasis on State Highway 12, documenting locations and species to be planted in the Highway 12 Corridor in the near future. The Program also establishes a comprehensive methodology for planting, replacing and maintaining City street trees. 



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