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Vasco Plaza
Vasco Plaza, located in Livermore, is a 13-acre commercial shopping center. Building uses include a grocery store, pharmacy, restaurant, and retail shops. To distinguish Vasco Plaza from other shopping centers, much attention was given to the hardscape details and plant palette. Underneath the covered promenades fronting the architecture, the concrete walkways are etched with a grid score pattern. This pattern is emphasized by using three tones of concrete: red, beige, and gray. A circular pattern, with alternating rings of red and beige concrete, marks the main entrance to the block of Retail Shops. A similar radial pattern enhances a pedestrian plaza, with benches, tables and chairs, and an accent trellis. The wide-ranging plant palette at Vasco Plaza was used in several different applications. Peripheral tree planting is designed as a screen for adjacent homes, while shrubs and annuals mark the driveway entrances into the center. Parking lot trees provide shade and a variety of seasonal color. Lawn bioswales have been utilized to capture run-off from the parking lots. 
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